Richard Holtorf

State Representative House District 64

As a Republican rancher, farmer, feedlot manager, and retired U.S. Army Colonel with 29 years of service, State Representative Richard Holtorf plans to continue providing veteran leadership as he represents the people of rural Colorado’s House District 64.

Rejection of the PAUSE Initiative by the Colorado Supreme Court

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Statement from Representative Catlin on the Rejection of the PAUSE Initiative by the Colorado Supreme Court
Denver, CO – Colorado House Agriculture Committee Vice-Chair Marc Catlin released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s rejection of the PAUSE Initiative. 

“In a 7-0 ruling on Monday, June 21, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Ballot initiative 16 violated the single-subject requirement in the state’s constitution. Today’s ruling is great news for all of those involved in agriculture, one of the state’s largest industries.

The safety of animals is always a top priority for anyone who cares for them. Yet, this radical initiative would have criminalized many commonly accepted practices in animal husbandry and veterinary care. Had this initiative been allowed to move forward, many of its provisions would have harmed farmers, ranchers, veterinary practitioners, and the animals they all care for so dearly.

It is unfortunate that people with such a biased agenda sought to pass an initiative that would have severely harmed one of the state’s greatest industries, and thereby furthering the urban-rural divide. Coloradans must continue to stay vigilant moving forward as something similar to PAUSE could still make its way onto the ballot in 2022.”


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In a 7-0 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled today that the State Title Board incorrectly gave a green light to Initiative 2020-21 #16, an unprecedented measure that will criminalize historic farming and ranching practices across Colorado. 

The Title Board must decide if a proposed initiative consists of just one subject and, if it does, set a fair and accurate ballot title. 

The Court held that Initiative #16 contained multiple subject and, given its complexity, could mislead voters when they cast their ballots. 

The Court vacated the title and remanded to the Board with instructions to return the Initiative to its proponents for lack of jurisdiction because the single subject requirement was not satisfied.

3rd Generation Cattle Rancher 

Richard Holtorf. 3rd generation rancher.Richard Holtorf has been the General Manager of Buffalo Springs Ranch since October 2006. He has managed a diverse production agriculture operation that includes a commercial cattle herd, a backgrounding feed yard, and a dryland farm in Washington County Colorado fifteen miles North of Akron. Richard manages the ranch that he and his brothers grew up on and is a strong supporter of muiltigenerational farm and ranch operations to sustain production agriculture for the future.

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As a third generation rancher, he has kept his family business going.

  • His passion runs deep when it comes to having a life in production agriculture in rural Colorado.
  • We want to promote multigenerational family ranches and farms. We have to hold on to our family enterprises and businesses. We can’t let them be eroded amid the difficult economic times.
  • We have to hold on to these legacies of our families, businesses, and communities.
     First generation starts the business
     Second generation builds the business.
     Third generation loses the business.


Senior Retired Military Veteran

Colonel (retired) Richard Holtorf served as a U.S. Army Aviation Officer for 29 years. He served five overseas tours, including two combat tours. Colonel Holtorf commanded at every level, from Company Command to Battalion Command. He attended every U.S. Army Officer Professional Development Course up to the U.S. Army War College. His vast military leadership skills are already at work for the people of House District 64 and will be vital in protecting rural values for rural Colorado.

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Military Service:

29 years of command, staff assignments, and leadership training.

  • Served on Battalion, Brigade, Division, Staff. Commanded at the detachment, company, and battalion level. Completed all U.S. Army Military Education through the U.S. Army War College.
  • Has faced many adversities.
  • Passion runs deep in service to his family, service to his ranch, and service to his country.
  • Many duty assignments including five overseas tours.
  • Two combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Worked with several federal agencies.

  • Operation Noble Eagle
     CONUS-based operation
  • Airport security
     13 airports in Colorado
     OIC of Air Port Security, 89 th Troop Command
     Facilitated transition of airport security from armed National Guardsman to TSA


Family Man

Richard Holtorf's FamilyRichard is pictured here with his family. He is very proud to have raised his family in Eastern Colorado. Upon returning from active duty in 1994, he and his wife Mary raised their four daughters on Buffalo Springs Ranch. They are now enjoying starting the next chapter of their lives as grandparents.

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Despite many of life’s difficulties, including having divorced parents himself, he has kept the family together.

  •  Married 27 years, raised four daughters and has one granddaughter.
  • The commitment to family is enormous.

Decades of service, five overseas military tours, including two combat tours put enormous strain on his family.

Despite all that, Richard is still married to his first wife, and is proud to have held on to this commitment.


HB20-1211 Sunset Regulation Of Egg Dealers

Sunset Regulation Of Egg Dealers

Concerning the continuation of the licensing of egg dealers, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2019 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies.
06/29/2020 | Governor Signed
HB20-1178 Increase Speed Limit On Certain Rural Highways

Increase Speed Limit On Certain Rural Highways

Concerning increasing the speed limit on rural state highways where it is safe to do so, and, in connection therewith, directing the department of transportation to identify these highways.
03/27/2020 | Governor Signed
HB20-1224 Agricultural Products Overweight Motor Vehicle

Agricultural Products Overweight Motor Vehicle

Concerning the issuance of an overweight permit for vehicles used to transport agricultural products from the place of production.
05/28/2020 | House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely

News & Updates

SB21-234 was signed into law by Governor Polis

Yesterday, SB21-234 was signed into law by Governor Polis. Another strong bill for Colorado Agriculture I am honored to be apart of.Rep. Richard Holtorf [video width="720" height="1270"...

Democrats Impose Irreparable Damage on Colorado’s Agriculture Industry

Last Friday, Colorado House Republicans fought long into the night to defend the agricultural industry against SB21-087, a bill brought forth by metro Democrats.

The legislation seeks to impose new restrictions and regulations on ag workers and their employees, resulting in much higher costs. One thing about this bill is clear, it will do irreparable damage to Colorado’s agriculture industry.

Hold On!

Hold On To Our Rural Lifestyle
  • There are many assaults on rural Colorado and our rural way of life.
  • Our private property rights are fundamental to our rural way of life, and we cannot let left-leaning or socialist-minded politicians infringe upon those rights.
Hold on to our agricultural economic base
  • Our agricultural economic base comes from our private property.
  • It is the foundation of our ag economy.
  • We must protect it from infringement.
Hold on to our Small Towns

Small Towns are the Nucleus of Eastern Colorado. We must maintain and preserve our small town economies.


  • We lose our micro-economies to macro-
    economies, we lose our small towns.
  • The money passing through our micro-economy in
    our communities is crucial to maintaining the
    economic health of our rural towns

We can’t let them shrink, depopulate, and erode our way of life.

Hold on to our Small Town Values
  • Knowing your neighbors by first name.
  • Helping neighbors in times of crisis
     Ex: In times of crisis, diseased farmer,
    neighbors help bring in the harvest for the last

May not find this in the city, but you do find it in Eastern Colorado.

Hold on to our Second Amendment Rights, our right to keep and bear arms

“I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, and believe that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right. One that should not be infringed upon.”

Richard Holtorf

  • I’m not afraid to fight.
  • I’ve served in two combat tours.
  • I’ve been in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, and I’ve seen the Taliban up close and personal.

I want to passionately fight for our rural way of life and what we hold dear in Eastern Colorado.

Representative Richard Holtorf

Mission & Values

Mission: My mission as your Representative is to keep Colorado a Rocky Mountain state, preserve our Western heritage and our Colorado traditions, and stop making Colorado Eastern California. 

Values: I’ve never given up on anything that life has thrown in front of me. If you select me to continue filling the big boots that Kimmi Lewis wore, I will guarantee to hold true to preserving our rural values.
I will never give up on our rural way of life, and you can rest assured that I will have my constituents’ backs every day at the Capitol.

I will continue to fight the leftists, socialists, and activists that control all
three branches of our state government. I will fight with tenacity. I will fight with oration and conviction to attempt to explain to the misguided Democrats, at every opportunity, that we must preserve what we hold dear in Eastern and Southern Colorado.

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