Last Friday, Colorado House Republicans fought long into the night to defend the agricultural industry against SB21-087, a bill brought forth by metro Democrats.  

The legislation seeks to impose new restrictions and regulations on ag workers and their employees, resulting in much higher costs. One thing about this bill is clear, it will do irreparable damage to Colorado’s agriculture industry.

Most non-corporately owned farms and ranches already operate at the margins. While corporate farms might be able to absorb these new costs, generational family farms will be devastated by this legislation. 

For those farmers and ranchers who are able to survive, increased production costs will be passed on to the consumer. Even after a year of economic hardship, Colorado Democrats have had no issue continuing to raise the cost of living with increased costs on gas, delivery services, utilities, insurance premiums, and now food. Colorado farmers and consumers cannot afford this. 

The House Republican Caucus is honored to have members of the agricultural community, who tirelessly serve our great state as legislators and stand up for rural Colorado. During the debate, they provided personal testimony on the extensive impacts. 

Rep. Richard Holtorf seeks Smart Program to fund Agriculture in Colorado

One example is Senate Bill 21-248. Representative Holtorf was proudly the House Co- Prime sponsor of this Bipartisan Bill, which addresses the loan and or grant program for Colorado Agriculture. This transfers money to programs like the Farm-to-Market infrastructure. This provides eligible applicants with low interest rates for farms and ranches in Colorado. The fund has thirty million dollars allocated and is suggested to be divided up with twenty million for loans and ten million for grants. This has been presented as a legislative intent; the Governor of Colorado has this bill before him at this time to be considered and signed.  This will also be a good place for the smaller micro beef processing plants to look at for assistance

National Purple Heart Day

National purple heart day is August 7. Rep. Holtorf worked hard on getting HB21-1116 passed so Purple Heart recipients are allowed free access to Colorado’s National Parks.

Representatives Janice Rich, Matt Soper and Richard Holtorf celebrate the termination of Initiative 16

State House of Representatives, Janice Rich & Matt Soper and Richard Holtorf. State Supreme Court announces termination of Initiative 16!

Rejection of the PAUSE Initiative by the Colorado Supreme Court

Denver, CO – Colorado House Agriculture Committee Vice-Chair Marc Catlin released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s rejection of the PAUSE Initiative.

SB21-234 was signed into law by Governor Polis

Yesterday, SB21-234 was signed into law by Governor Polis. Another strong bill for Colorado Agriculture I am honored to be apart of.Rep. Richard Holtorf [video width="720" height="1270"...

Public Comment on Colorado Redistricting

The Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions Staff are currently taking public comment for consideration in the development of their preliminary plans.

Carlos Perez, chair of the Colorado Independent Legislative Commission and an unaffiliated voter from Colorado Springs, notes the importance of public participation. “Redistricting occurs once every decade. The state has changed over the last ten years and so hearing from the public is an essential part of the process for creating fair maps that reflect those changes. The legislative commission is made up of ordinary voters and we are here to listen. We encourage everyone to let us know how the district lines should be drawn to best represent your community.”

Colorado Agriculture Bills Pass 3rd Reading and Head to the Governor’s Desk

Today was a BIG day for Colorado agriculture. SB21-248— Loan Program for Colorado Agriculture and SB21-234— General Fund Transfer Agriculture Drought & Resiliency passed the State House on 3rd reading. These 2 bills co prime-sponsored by Representative Holtorf are...

House GOP statement on Colorado Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commission:

House GOP Statement "We are grateful that the Colorado Supreme Court has upheld the independence of Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions, and we are pleased that the Court has cleared the way for the Commissions to use preliminary population data to begin...

Memorial Day Speech from Rep. Richard Holtorf


HB21-1301 Important Bill for Hemp and Cannabis Passed Third Reading

Today HB21-1301 passed third reading in the State House on a vote of  59-6. This bill will promote outdoor hemp and cannabis cultivation in Southern Colorado. This bill will also establish measures to minimize cross pollination in hemp and cannabis. Also emergency...
HB21-1279 passed through the State House

HB21-1279 passed through the State House

On Monday, HB21-1279 passed through the State House. I’m honored to prime co-sponsor this bill with Rep. Rhonda Fields and Rep. Mary Young. This bill would enact occupational therapy licensure interstate compact and would allow for therapists & occupational...